• You can create and promote resumes by visiting your candidate dashboard or by following this link to purchase a resume package. Resumes you create using any of those packages would be automatically promoted (excluding the single resume package). This means that your resume will appear at the top of search results ahead of thousands of resumes.
  • General users don't have access to view Job-seekers resumes. However, you can gain unlimited access to resumes on our site by following this link and subscribing for the duration you choose to have access to resumes. Doing this will grant you instant access to thousands of resumes based on the duration you choose.
  • It is very safe to create or upload resumes. When you upload or create your resume, you can set the privacy settings to either hidden or public in your candidate dashboard. Recruiters and hiring managers can only find a public resume. If you choose to post a private resume, no one can see it until you apply to a job. This method has its benefits, especially for job seekers who currently have a job.