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What it does: Global group of petrochemical and energy businesses
Staff stats: 93,000 employees in 70 countries
Hiring degrees in:  All Engineering, Science and Environment, Commercial

The Shell Story
Royal Dutch Shell, known as Shell, is the result of one of the 20th century’s earliest and most significant mergers. In 1907, the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company joined forces with the ‘Shell’ Transport and Trading Company. Interesting fact: This was a British business that had pivoted from selling antiques to importing seashells.

During WWI, Royal Dutch Shell was the main supplier of fuel to the British armed forces. Following the war, it absorbed the Mexican Eagle Petroleum Company and launched Shell Chemicals. By the end of the 1920s, Royal Dutch Shell was the world’s leading oil company, a status it has enjoyed ever since, though it has diversified into producing other forms of energy.

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