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Jobfastest is a robust job platform which provides the fastest recruitment solutions to users in different countries including USA, UK, India, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana and Australia. Our platform has been carefully designed for all Recruiters, Employers and Jobseekers (i.e. Full-timers, Part-timers, Interns and Freelancers)

As a Jobseeker, you can upload your CV or quickly build multiple online CVs and apply for different Jobs using any CV of your choice. You can also create Job alerts and get instant notifications via email immediately a job is posted to apply early.

Employers and Recruiters have access to a wide range of CVs from Jobseekers anywhere in the world and can also find the best matching CV to fill a specific role.

What’s more? Employers and Recruiters can post multiple jobs, manage previous job postings and achieve a lot more in less time.

We really hope you enjoy our platform as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have questions, comments or feedbacks, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Our Service

  • Advertise A Job

    Promote your Job postings to reach more qualified Job-seekers and great applications
  • CV Search

    Easily filter through CVs on our platform and find the suitable candidate for the job
  • Recruiter Profiles

    Employers and Recruiters can set-up a profile for further details on their activities
  • Job Notifications

    Create Job alerts and receive automatic notifications for your preferred Job openings
  • Jobs Display

    Jobs are displayed dynamically for different categories of Job-seekers to easily filter through
  • For Agencies

    Customized for professional Recruiters and HRs to simplify recruitment processes
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